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What Is North Shore Community Support Services?

Our Vision

People are equal and full participants in the community of their choice.

Programs and Services

Seniors' Mental Health Outreach Program
Club 90 - Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program

Our Goal

Members share their abilities and interests in work and play to help each other acquire the skills to live with increasing self reliance. The goal is individual growth through club participation. The degree of participation is totally voluntary and each member chooses their interest and ability. The staff encourages but do not lead.

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Objectives and Goals

Objective #1: That people have access to appropriate education and training to empower them and further their independence.

Goal Statement: Supports and services will be in place to respond to people's educational and training needs.

Objective #2: That people have improved access to supports and services.

Goal Statement: A range of supports and services will be available that are consistent with people's needs.

Objective #3: That, as they grow, people can aspire to and have typical expectations of worthwhile career options that embody the concepts of real work for economic pay and fair recognition of accomplishments.

Goal Statement: Eventually there will be a range of career opportunities and options with supports available for everyone.

Objective #4: That people may acquire knowledge that may be practically applied leading to a more positive retirement lifestyle.

Goal Statement: Provide collaboration with other stakeholders to assure that there will be a wide range of meaningful activities available to those who require them.

Objective #5: That throughout their lives people can access and participate in leisure and cultural activities of their choice.

Goal Statement: All community activities will be available and welcoming to all people and supported by the community to the extent required.

Objective #6: That people have the opportunity to participate in a full range of social relationships.

Goal Statement: All rights and privileges of the individual are respected and supported.

Objective #7: That people have access to decent and appropriate housing.

Goal Statement: All individuals will have choice, freedom and equal rights in their homes.
All individuals will have the opportunity for independence.
All individuals will have a suitable range of housing options.

Objective #8: That promotion and research are pursued which support the ability of people to achieve these objectives.

Goal Statement: Improve general support network.

Educate public on their role as a caring community.
Strengthen referral partnerships.
Strengthen lobby effort for local concerns and partners.
Flexibility in response to local needs

Additional Guiding Principle

"A person centered approach to provide active supports and to promote independent community living for adults with mental illness"





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